The Unrecognized Ailment: An Episode of Depression

If there is any illness that is treated as a joke in our society, it is depression. While most people do not realize how harmful and serious it can be, those suffering from it slowly wither away to their ruin. There are extreme steps that individuals commit to in depression. It is a mental illness and should be treated as such. But perhaps that is one of the biggest reason why it is not paid attention to. The term ‘mental illness’ is a taboo in our society. Anyone who is even associated with the term immediately becomes a subject of jokes and ridicule. Mental asylums have long been protrayed in cinemas as comic and patients as cartoons.

The lack of awareness:

One of the biggest reason why it is not recognized in our society is the lack of awareness about it. No body actually knows how to identify it or whether or not they are suffering from it. The first thing that need to be made clear is the fact that it is something completely different from being sad. It migh manifest itself as a mood swing or low spirits but over time it consumes the entire individuality of a person. The tipping point comes when one who is assumed to be suffering from the illness is seen laughing, it is assumed that the person is over it. But that is the biggest mistake that can happen, because people start ignoring other synptoms then.

A momentary respite of laughter does not cure one of depression. It is a mental illness and should be treated as such. No amount of casual moments can cure one of it. Until it is a prescribed course of medication (that inhibits and accelerates the flow of certain hormones) or rehabilitation, no one can beat this ailment.

Loss of life:

Finding no way out and losing all will to live, the affected individual often takes a decision to end their life. This not an isolated incident, almost all cases of suicide that have taken place were under an episode of depression. If someone near you is observed as losing their will for life,notify their family and friends to take precautionary measure. There need not always be a cause for it. Many a times, it manifests itself even while everything is working fine. It becomes even difficult to treate it at such times, as the cause is not known nothing can be done tot rid the individual of it. The only way left is constant care and a healthy reminder that they are loved and cherished by their near ones.

Finding a way out:

It takes great will and effort to emerge out of depression. It is like learning to walk anew. An individual has to figure out their path again and find meaning in activities they have long given up. It gets difficult to accomplish it all on their own, so if you notice someone struggling, be sure to lend a helping hand.

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